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ASD Consulting Engineer, is structured to deliver value to its clients. Hence, it is lean enough to minimise overhead costs, but robust enough to provide the leadership, management, and technical expertise required to deliver quality engineering and consulting services to clients.

Our Objective

The Main objective of the company is to provide engineering and related professional services. The company leverages the international experience of its directors and associates to deliver quality services that meet standards set by international professional bodies such as ECSA and SAICE.

Our Key Success Drivers

Our key success drivers are to:
• Provide professional quality services on time and on budget.
• Provide advice and expert services to ongoing engineering projects
• Develop a follow-up strategy to gauge performance with all clients
• Implement and maintain a quality control and assurance policy.


Our Mission

Our mission is to provide quality engineering and related professional service to clients in the construction industry. Our values are underpinned by the need to satisfy our clients
and help them achieve their objectives. We focus on client interests, collaborating with them throughout the infrastructure development lifecycle. We are passionately committed to continuously improving everything we do with a highly skilled local professional team complemented by our world-wide network of international associates.


ASD Consulting Engineers renders engineering and consulting services in the fields of Structural Engineering design, Bridge design, Water resources, Water supply and sanitation, Environment, Transport infrastructure, Housing and commercial infrastructure development. The firm offers innovative and economical design services, maintaining state-of-the-art design technology so as to meet client needs on infrastructure development projects of all sizes and types.

Structural Engineering

•Reinforced concrete design

•Structural Steel design

•Bridge design and construction supervision

•Industrial and mining structural design

•Commerical structures

•Residential structural design


Water Supply and Sanitation

•Urban water supply schemes

•Rural water supply schemes

•Industrial wastewater management systems

•Commercial water production schemes

Transport Infrustructure

•Urban roads

•Rural roads

•Residentail estates roads

•Industrial/commercial complex roads and associated structures

Studies and Project Preparation

•Technical and economic evaluation of investment projects

•Master plans

•Feasibility studies

Engineering Design and Procurement

•Preliminary and final designs

•Preparation of tender documents

•Procurement of contractors services

Construction Managment Services

•Site supervision

•Construction management


•Materials testing and analysis

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ASD Consulting Engineers are registered with the Engineering Council of South Arica, that assure the firm’s service offering and ensure that the firm is compliant with statutory requirements for an engineering consulting firm. The principal engineers are complemented by a pool of local and international experts – some as freelance associate consultants and others as employees of the firm. The organisational structure is illustrated in the figure below. The structure is dynamic and will be expanded / restructured to match the demands of the volume of business.

image of Organisation structure

Our Portfolio

  • All
  • Structural Engineer
  • Water Supply and Sanitation
  • Transport Infrastructure

Road Work


Water Project


Road works


Water Project


Road Works


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Suite 12, Block 1A
Northgate Office Park
1 Aureole Avenue, North World

Phone Number

+27 10 446 7089

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